Maya Byrne

With a passion for fashion and a love of everything bridal, Maya knew she had to open a bridal boutique someday. In 2011, she obtained a broadcast journalism degree with a concentration in fashion from Columbia College. However, soon after graduation she married, had two children, and didn’t have the time to pursue any major career leaps. For the last 10 years she has lead a successful trucking business with her family where she managed operations. Still, her heart always yearned for a career change. She promised herself one day she would follow her dreams, and as her two children were getting more independent, the time came. Putting together her experience of business management and her degree in fashion journalism her dreams of owning a bridal boutique came to fruition.

Remembering her lackluster experience 5 years ago when she was wedding gown shopping, she instantly knew what she had to do to make a bride’s experience unforgettable.

“You shouldn’t have to travel downtown to get top-notch service and every bride should have a great experience regardless of their budget.”

Putting together a game plan on how to spoil brides, and finding the perfect location in the beautiful Arboretum of South Barrington, Maya is not only ready to make her own dreams come true, but also every bride-to-be that walks through her door.

“every girl deserves to feel like a princess, no matter her budget”

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